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Navigating Data Privacy Regulations for Mobile Apps: What Brands Need to Know

Navigating Data Privacy Regulations for Mobile Apps: What Brands Need to Know

Learn how to shape your company’s practices and policies to reflect the latest data privacy regulations for mobile apps.

With Corporate Transparency Act Compliance, Uncertainty Remains

With Corporate Transparency Act Compliance, Uncertainty Remains

Is your organization impacted by the Corporate Transparency Act? Learn more about steps toward compliance.

woman at self-serve kiosk

What Companies Should Know About Kiosk Fraud Prevention

Who wants to endure tedious airport lines for a boarding pass when a kiosk offers an effortless process? Self-service kiosks have become ubiquitous in […]

Francis Scott Key Bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse and the Impact on Local Businesses

Discover how the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge is reshaping the landscape for local businesses in Baltimore.

nft in metaverse concept, non-fungible token

Protecting Intellectual Property and Ownership in NFT Business Models

The dawn and expansion of web3 has opened a new universe of opportunities for companies to invest in and develop creative business models, customer […]

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 plane

Boeing’s PR Debacle Delivers A Lesson in Crisis Management

In January 2024, a door plug panel blew off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 in mid-flight, causing rapid depressurization, and an emergency […]

ai and copyright litigation

AI and Copyright: Preparing Your Business for the Next Wave of Litigation

With the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), copyright registration is more important than ever. Copyright infringement will be the next big wave of intellectual […]

legal scales, balance concept

How Organizations Should Balance Legal and Reputational Risk

Among the most difficult challenges in-house counsel must face is navigating the reputational risks that can arise from their organization’s aggressive, sometimes even zealous, […]

AI policy to protect your IP concept, dos and donts checklist

How to Craft An AI Policy to Protect Your Intellectual Property

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools has revolutionized business operations. AI vastly enhances efficiency and productivity in areas like software development and content […]

parade of horribles concept

Beyond the Parade of Horribles: Strategies for Nuanced Risk Communication

Here Comes the Parade The parade of horribles is a trusted rhetorical tool for in-house lawyers counseling their clients on risk. When advising on […]