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Beyond the Parade of Horribles: Strategies for Nuanced Risk Communication

Here Comes the Parade The parade of horribles is a trusted rhetorical tool for in-house lawyers counseling their clients on risk. When advising on […]

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Employers Must Act Quickly to Comply With California’s New Reproductive Loss Leave

California’s Senate Bill SB 848 was signed into law on October 10, 2023, and has been effective as of January 1, 2024. California employers […]

financial distress concept

Navigating Financial Distress: Protecting Yourself as an Officer, Director, or In-House Counsel

When a company faces financial distress, the landscape becomes complex and fraught with risk. Officers, directors, and in-house counsel play crucial roles in guiding […]

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Will AI Destroy the World? If Not, How Will It Affect Insurance?

The promise and hazard of artificial intelligence has tantalized us for decades. In “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Stanley Kubrick revealed a futuristic world where […]

cyber risk ratings

Prioritizing Cyber Risk Ratings in the Wake of SEC Regulations and Evolving Threats

With increased Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, more cyber threats, and evolving technological exposures, all organizations must prioritize understanding their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Constant […]

generative AI in the legal profession

California State Bar Approves Guidance on Generative AI: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Ethics

In November 2023, a Colorado judge suspended a lawyer for using ChatGPT to draft a legal document. Just a few weeks later, a U.S. […]

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What Companies Need to Know About California’s Workplace Violence Prevention Law

California employers must take steps to prevent workplace violence. A new law requires a prevention plan, incident log, and annual training.

trade secrets concept

Diving into the Trade Secrets Debate: The Listing Predicament

List your trade secrets and update the list frequently.

Microsoft Silicon Valley Center

Microsoft’s $28.9B Tax Battle Highlights Rising Transfer Pricing Risks for GCs

In October, Microsoft announced that it had received a demand for $28.9 billion in back taxes from the IRS, plus penalties and interest.