Risk Management » One-Third Of Workers’ Comp Claimants Have Long Covid

One-Third Of Workers’ Comp Claimants Have Long Covid


February 16, 2023

About 70 percent of New York residents who’ve filed for workers’ comp due to long Covid are so sick they’ve been out of work for six months or more. Many need ongoing medical treatment. It is estimated that 16 million working-age Americans have the condition, and it is the basis of approximately 1/3 of all workers’ comp claims. They suffer neurological and physical symptoms including difficulty concentrating, muscle pain, and mental deterioration. Eighteen percent are unable to return to work after a year. Most of them caught Covid early in the pandemic. Doctors and research scientists have yet to pinpoint what makes people susceptible, nor have they developed a reliable treatment. They have discovered that most people who develop long Covid had relatively mild cases of Covid at the outset. The CDC reports 35,000 deaths from the condition.

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