Cybersecurity » AI Wrecks Brands at Warp Speed, Creating Risk

AI Wrecks Brands at Warp Speed, Creating Risk

AI Wrecks Brands at Warp Speed, Creating Risk

September 6, 2023

Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Today, artificial intelligence can ruin a reputation or a brand in about five seconds. According to a recent article in Fortune, many business leaders, and their advisors are simply not organized to operate at the speed of AI. The author, Richard Torrezano, has some suggestions.

First, monitor competitor and industry activities online using a sophisticated A.I. service. Many companies do this, but usually with junior media specialists. It needs senior participation and oversight.

A C-suite executive should prepare and lead a specialist cyber and crisis team as well. This team should prepare scenarios and responses tailored to industry and geography and include leadership from all key areas.

Appoint an AI czar and conduct exercises, led by independent professionals with experience in A.I., cyber, and reputation. This will identify vulnerabilities in command structures and processes brought on by AI or a cyber crisis.

Attacks that leverage artificial intelligence are damaging and increasingly frequent. So far, they have focused on single companies. What happens when we have a multi-company, multi-industry attack on infrastructure, technology, or finance?

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