Risk Management » The Power of Year-Round Engagement in Corporate Compliance and Ethics

The Power of Year-Round Engagement in Corporate Compliance and Ethics

The Power of Year-Round Engagement in Corporate Compliance and Ethics

October 25, 2023

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, scheduled from November 5-11, 2023, serves as an annual celebration aimed at highlighting the importance of compliance and ethics in the corporate sector. While this dedicated week is significant, a recent episode of the podcast “Creativity and Compliance” emphasized the need for a year-round commitment to promoting corporate ethics. Hosted by Tom Fox and Ronnie Feldman, the podcast explored the paradox of limiting engaging activities to Compliance Week, urging companies to apply the philosophy consistently throughout the year.

Feldman stressed the irony of confining fun and exciting initiatives to just one week when it’s acknowledged that such activities have a lasting impact on compliance efforts. The podcast suggested diverse approaches for year-round engagement, including creative methods like talk shows, game shows, and workshops. For instance, an Insulin device company created a talk show, “Ethically Speaking with Your Host Sugar Levels,” turning ethics discussions into entertaining and relatable content.

Art exhibits were also proposed as a unique medium to delve into ethics and integrity. Progressive Insurance organized an art exhibit with pieces linked to ethical principles, sparking nuanced and thought-provoking conversations among employees. The podcast recommended involving millennials in compliance projects to infuse fresh perspectives and cater to a younger audience with distinct expectations.

However, the podcast acknowledged challenges such as budget constraints, time limitations, and the need for continuous innovation. Balancing engaging activities with practicalities was deemed crucial for compliance professionals. Nevertheless, it underscored the transformative impact of year-round engagement on organizational culture.

Corporate ethics can be promoted through engaging in year-round activities which is vital for fostering a culture of integrity and compliance. Compliance programs should extend beyond the confines of Compliance Week, employing creative methods to make ethics enjoyable, memorable, and relevant. While challenges exist, the long-term benefits of investing in year-round activities for promoting corporate ethics are seen as worthwhile.

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