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Workers Comp Legislation In Oregon


February 2, 2023

A bill introduced in the Oregon legislature on Jan. 26 would add chiropractors as medical providers in workers compensation claims. It would also remove limits on duration of medical service, number of visits and areas of practice for chiropractors when they serve as “attending physicians” in cases involving injured workers. The bill makes it possible for injured workers to receive compensable medical treatment from either primary care physicians or chiropractors who are not members of a managed care organization. Another bill filed earlier in January would compel employers to adopt policies that offer injured workers paid time off during scheduled shifts in order to attend medical appointments relating to compensable injury or occupational disease claims. It prevents employers from forcing injured workers to use paid personal time off, sick leave, vacation time or any other accrued paid time off to attend appointments. Both bills were filed as emergency legislation which take effect immediately upon passage.

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