LockBit Actors Busted

LockBit Actors Busted

The DOJ has arrested three affiliates in the LockBit global ransomware campaign. The most recent was a Russian national, Ruslan Magomedovich Astamirov. He is […]

Business Interconnection Drives Cyber-Risk Management

The speed of digital change has outpaced security so thoroughly that cyber threats have become a form of disruption that companies can no longer […]

Insurance Coverage for Email Scams

According to the FBI, $43 billion in losses were sustained due to business email compromise between 2016 and 2021. Companies that have been defrauded […]

Big Award Will Impact Coverage

Last October, in the first trial to go to judgment for Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act violations, a federal jury awarded $228 million to […]

Global Food Company Hacked

Hackers breached the network of Sysco, a big global food distribution company, earlier this year. In an internal memo sent to employees May 3rd, […]

Cascading Software Supply Chain Attack

A hack of the business solutions firm 3CX was revealed in March, when customers complained that various cybersecurity products had been triggering warnings for […]

Crypto-Bankruptcies Have SEC and CFTC Casting Wider Net

The SEC and CFTC have widened the scope of their regulatory actions recently as crypto firm bankruptcies worsen liquidity concerns. Any participant in the […]

Cyberattacks Are a Risk, Digital Trust Is An Opportunity

The risks associated with cyberattacks are increasing rapidly, and so is awareness of those risks by consumers and regulators. According to McKinsey, the climate […]

Plaintiffs Suing Medical Device Maker After Data Hack

Zoll Medical, a subsidiary of the Japanese firm Asahi Kasei Group, is facing a minimum of seven putative class actions by plaintiffs claiming they […]

Steps To Counter Workers’ Comp Insurance Inflation

No CRO At Silicon Valley Bank When Its Troubles Began

The Chief Risk Officer of Silicon Valley Bank stepped down in April 2022. Her replacement wasn’t hired until nine months later, in January 2023. […]